Virtual Fundraising

COVID-19 is an unsettling time for everybody. Like everyone, we have been largely affected by the cancellation of events, social distancing and the lockdown. All of our scheduled fundraisers for 2020 and our paid work have been cancelled or postponed. and this has left us in financial difficulties with danger of closing in a few months.

But we have some virtual fundraising ideas to help you support us!

Why choose virtual fundraising?

  • Low cost
  • Easily accessible
  • Open to anybody
  • No location barrier
  • Can go at your own pace
  • Can fundraise as an individual or in a group
  • The beauty of technology! Plenty of apps are now available
  • Make it fun, and get creative
  • Still support a worthy cause

Virtual Fundraising Ideas…

  1. Games Tournament
  2.  Online auctions
  3. Virtual sporting events
  4. Virtual cooking lessons
  5. Quizzes and trivia nights
  6. Digital Races
  7. Virtual Concert
  8. Virtual Movie Night
  9. Virtual Book Club
  10. Game Night

For any virtual fundraising event, you can set up a fundraising page on Give as You Live and select Willow Project as your charity.

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