Post-counselling for parents/carers

Step 1

  • Step 1

This questionnaire is ONLY for the parent/carer of the child or young person who accessed counselling at Willow Project

Name (Optional)

Can we share the information that you provide? (This will help with funding applications - all information will remain anonymous)

Finding a counselling service

Did you find the referral form easy to find on the website?

Did you find the referral form easy to fill out?

Did you have an understanding of what counselling was before you made a referral?

After counselling sessions had come to an end

What is the most noticeable change you've seen in the child or young person?

Would you say the young person's low mood or feelings of being depressed has improved?

Would you say the young person's confidence and self-esteem has improved?

Have relationships at home changed? If so, how?

Has the environment at home changed?

Recommending counselling

Would you recommend counselling/Willow Project to a friend or family member?

You probably had to wait a long time before your child saw a counsellor, would you like to say anything about that? If yes, please let us know what you’d like to say (sadly, as a charity we don’t have enough money coming in to see young people quickly, so any comments really help us when we’re asking people for donations).

Was it difficult to find and access help for your child?

To make it easier for people to find us, could you support us on all of our social media platforms?

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